My name is Caryn and I’m the founder (Captain , do-er of all the things) at Firefly Graphics.

I’ve had a few different careers, jobs and even small businesses all of which have given me a great deal of experience in different industries and help me to understand my client’s needs. I’ve worked in retail (stockroom junior, visual merchandiser, management), property management, owned a gift basket business, a merchandise printing business, and worked in various administration roles. I was even a telephonist and radio operator for Mandurah Taxis before their systems were computerised. (The stories I could tell!) I’ve been a general member on committees, a P&C Secretary and are now on a sporting club committee. Each of these experiences brings a different perspective to what I do.

How it all began

Officially, I’ve been working as a graphic designer for 12-13 years now and have spent 11 of those working for myself. I started out with one client when I was 9 months pregnant, barely able to get close enough to the keyboard to type, and my business has grown alongside my son ever since.

For about 7 of those years I worked on a family of local magazines and designed the advertisements and created the layout for the whole magazine, even taking them through two re-designs. The work for these began to wind down just as we made the decision to home school our son. (I feel so privileged that we can offer our son a bespoke education and I’m quite passionate about the benefits of that.)

In July of 2019 I relaunched my design business as Firefly Graphics & Virtual Assistant Services with a fresh new look and now work with a terrific group of other small business owners both locally and nationwide.

I love what I do! I have clients in varying industries from retailers to trades and sporting clubs to beauticians. I’ve created logos, designed sporting team mascots, put together brochures, created social media graphics and designed posters. I treasure what I do and I love creating beautiful designs that are also practical and serve a purpose.

Local, not local?

I’ve been living in Mandurah for 35 years now and feel like a local (although I’m not sure if I officially qualify yet). Before moving here I’d been visiting my grandparents here for much longer than that. (They used to live on Leighton Road, directly underneath the original water tower in Halls Head, so many summers were spent at Doddi’s Beach as you might imagine!) I’ve lived in a few different parts of Mandurah, which after spending a year travelling around Australia was such a great place to come back to, and now I live in Riverside Gardens quite close to the Serpentine River with my husband of 23 years, our son, two dogs and two cats.

Community matters to me

Summers are no longer spent at Doddi’s Beach, you’re more likely to find me scoring at a baseball game! (I just love baseball and it’s something our family has been involved with ever since our son fell in love with Tee-Ball at the age of 4.) I believe that everything you go through in life, good or bad, contributes to the person you are now and every life experience I have had makes me better at what I do, understanding what a client needs and enables me to be a creative and resourceful problem solver.

I’m also a firm believer that small business and community sporting groups should work together more often and Firefly Graphics is the proud sponsor of the ‘Fearless Fireflies’, an Under 12’s Tee-Ball team with Peel Diamond Sports for the 2020/21 season. I’ve also designed the team mascot for all of their Tee-Ball teams for the last 4 seasons and currently provide the club with the vast majority of their graphics for promotional purposes.

So, that’s me! If you’ve got to the bottom of the page, you’ve either read to the end (woo-hoo go you!) or skipped the bits in the middle (haha! I get it). Either way, I’m glad you’re here and I’d love to help you build a brand you’re proud of.